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Patient hoist testing

Patient Hoists and Lifters,

AusStandard BLT can service and test most makes and models of patient lifters and hoists. Like all commercial lifting equipment, these must be tested to 100% of their Safe Working Load (SWL) annually

    • We test all emergency operation mechanisms, switches and cords.
    • We remove and inspect the main pivot pins or bolts to lubricate before refitting or replacing.
    • We operate all functions and complete any minor repairs.
    • We visually inspect wheels and operationally test brakes.
    • An inspection of one sling is included with each equipment inspection.
    • We load test to the equipment's SWL (Safe Working Load). This is an required by AS/NZS 10535 and VWA for all lifting equipment annually.
    • See Victorian WorkSafe Authority site for the sling and lifter bulletin.
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      Patient sling inspection testing

      Patient Slings,

      AusStandard BLT can inspect most makes and models of patient slings. Victorian Worksafe Authority expects all slings to have a recorded inspection carried out every 6 months.

      Slings are an important safety equipment for your staff and clients and you must document their inspections.

        • We create a list of your slings including Make, Model, Serial Number, SWL and Date of Manufacture
        • Slings without legible labels will fail inspection as they do not meet AS/NZS 10535 and VWA requirements.
        • We mark the sling with a asset number from your database for future reference.
        • We visually inspect all parts of the sling including fraying due to laundering.
        • An inspection of one sling is included with each hoist or lifter inspection.
        • We mark the sling with an inspection date and record the inspection in the database we give you after the service call.
        • Pelican Manufacturing can supply slings for most makes of hoist or lifter.
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          hospital bed testing resident bed testing

          Patient and Resident Beds,

          AusStandard BLT can service and test all makes and models of beds. Patient beds are required to be tested to AS/NZS3551 annually, not the lower AS7650 standard used in general test&tag. Beds must be unoccupied during testing for patient and resident safety.

              • We test all operating mechanisms.
              • We electrically test to AS/NZS3551 using a MEMIE Elec-4 tester.
              • We operate all functions, lubricate and complete any minor repairs.
              • We record all test results and supply you with electronic or paper based records for your accreditation.
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                biomedical equipment testing

                Biomedical Equipment Testing,

                AusStandard BLT tests and services biomedical equipment for Residential Care facilities. This minimises travel expenses for the organisations.

                  • Tympanic thermometers are tested with a calibrated test source for accuracy after lens cleaning.
                  • Sphygmomanometers (blood pressure cuffs) are tested against a calibrated manometer for accuracy and leakage rates.
                  • Portable, wall mounted and electronic Sphygmos should all be tested against a calibrated source annually.
                  • Vital signs machines are tested using a SimCube SC4, for accuracy at different pressures and situations. An electrical safety check to AS/NZS 3551 is also carried out on each equipment.
                  • Nebulisers and oxygen concentrators are checked for electrical safety as well as flow and pressure.
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