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Appliance Test and Tag (variable cost)

AusStandard BLT charge a minimum of $60 per visit. This includes up to 12 appliance tests and tagging.

    • We test all appliances, powerboards and extension cords.
    • We use tags with an overlay to allow for wiping of the tags during cleaning and better durability than paper tags.
    • Our MEMIE Elec-4 tester records actual measurements as well as pass or fail.
    • We visually inspect all items for physical damage.
    • We provide you with a datasheet of your assets and their condition at testing, including measured results from our MEMIE Elec-4 tester.
    • Any items that fail testing are tagged with the appropriate "Do Not Use" tag.
    • We can test Safety Switches (RCDs) for false tripping and full load tripping to ensure your safety. This will interupt power to the circuit under test.
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biomedical equipment testing

Biomedical Equipment Testing,

AusStandard BLT tests and services biomedical equipment for Residential Care facilities. This minimises travel expenses for the organisations.

    • Tympanic thermometers are tested with a calibrated test source for accuracy after lens cleaning.
    • Sphygmomanometers (blood pressure cuffs) are tested against a calibrated manometer for accuracy and leakage rates.
    • Portable, wall mounted and electronic Sphygmos should all be tested against a calibrated source annually.
    • Vital signs machines are tested using a SimCube SC4, for accuracy at different pressures and situations. An electrical safety check to AS/NZS 3551 is also carried out on each equipment.
    • Nebulisers and oxygen concentrators are checked for electrical safety as well as flow and pressure.
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